Upon beginning the stage in life when one first move out the comforts and commodities of a childhood home to a college dormitory, a variety of new challenges come to the surface and many of infancy’s simplicities tangle themselves into an overcomplicated web of responsibilities and realizations. While fortunate to have been born to a Venezuelan mother whose cooking was spectacular, I found my eating habits heavily declining after embarking on my undergraduate life. Often missing meals and grabbing easy-to-consume microwavable dinners because I lacked time or funds or even sheer laziness at times, I woke up one day to…

Nurse is an All-in-one system for people diagnosed with diabetes that facilitates the monitoring of blood glucose through engaging users by virtual interactions in order to bring awareness to their health and promote proper care of their condition.

in this article, I am going to be exploring the research and process of my senior year industrial design Invention Studio project while attending the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Arie Rimeris

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